Essential Seattle Coffee Shops

It’s no secret that Seattle is a football city with a coffee problem. Coffee shops line the well-planned, wide streets, from Seattle’s native juggernaut Starbucks to the most quaint, precious pour-over stands this side of the Cascades. Coffee-land is Seattle’s senior superlative, its mantra, its reputation. But what puts Seattle’s caffeine scene a cup above … More Essential Seattle Coffee Shops

‘Seattle’s Ultimate Coffee Bar’ Launching on Lower Queen Anne

Craftworks Coffee is in the works on Lower Queen Anne, aiming for an opening date of June 29. The venture at 110 Republican Street next to the Seattle Center hopes to become “Seattle’s ultimate coffee bar,” the website boasts. The concept boils down to an educational coffee drinking experience, rather than just a way to start … More ‘Seattle’s Ultimate Coffee Bar’ Launching on Lower Queen Anne