Caviar’s Self-Charging iPhone X Tesla Checks In


Russian luxury customization brand Caviar is back on our radar with a new incredible offering – a very interesting take of Apple’s flagship iPhone X. They’ve already released an outrageous mink-fur version of the iPhone X, but this time they took a very functional approach, that features just a few visual updates and a real surprise on the back.

You see, this special iPhone X comes with solar panels built right into its back, that make it totally unique. Thanks to these panels, the phone is charged whenever it is exposed to sunlight or even electric lamps, so you probably won’t have to worry about low battery anymore.

Dubbed as the Caviar iPhone X Tesla, this smartphone was apparently inspired by three brilliant minds: Elon Musk, Nikola Tesla and Steve Jobs.

Caviar iPhone X Tesla

Apart from those solar panels, the Caviar iPhone X Tesla shows off a minimalist design, enclosed in a titanium case with a beautiful gold trim. Starting off at $4,500 USD, this thing looks very interesting from more point of views. I mean, we all appreciate an aesthetic update, but to have a smartphone that charges up constantly throughout the day is a nice treat.

We don’t know how well the company has been able to execute the idea, but there’s bound to be some improvements in the near future; so, it’s safe to assume this idea is feasible. I have to say I prefer this concept over wireless charging and the health issues that might come with it. How about you?

Caviar iPhone X Tesla


Luxatic | November 2017