Famous LA Biscuits Are Coming to Seattle Via Palihotel

Last year, Seattle welcomed LA Times critic Jonathan Gold’s favorite paella (it’s served Sundays only at Tarsan i Jane); next summer, Northwesterners will get a taste of some of Gold’s favorite biscuits when The Hart and the Hunter restaurant expands as part of a new Palihotel Seattledowntown (107 Pine St.). In a review from 2013, Gold gushed, “I’ve never tasted biscuits like these, which combine the best of what I’ve previously thought to be incompatible schools of the art.” At this point, Eater LA refers to them simply and lovingly as “those biscuits.”

Chef Kris Tominaga opened the hip Hart and the Hunter with Brian Dunsmoor in 2012 before both took off in different directions in 2014, but Tominaga’s recent return has kept the place relevant, says Eater LA. The second version of the Southern-leaning restaurant and bar, slated for summer 2018 with the opening of Paligroup’s first hotel outside of California, will be bigger than the original, with part of the extra space devoted to a coffee bar. Otherwise, the hot spot, best known for its breakfast/brunch, will stick closely to the formula, serving comforting fare like shrimp and grits, avocado toast, and kale salad all day in a casual atmosphere.

Curbed Seattle has more details about the 96-room Palihotel, which is taking over the historic home of the Colonnade Hotel, just one block up from Pike Place Market.

Seattle Eater | October 2017
Adam H. Callaghan