24 Hours of Pure Luxury

luxury Gulfstream IV jet

Fast cars, super yachts, finest jewelry, and the most delicious food. Here, money is no object. So, sit back and relax and be inspired by the ultimate day and night of luxury!

Jado Steel-style gold luxury bed

Enjoy a leisurely start to your day of luxury as you wake from your slumber in your super luxurious bed as the sun rises over your luxury villa. What kind of bed, you say? Why not consider a Jado Steel-style gold bed that costs over $676,000 USD. Don’t forget that the bed linen is also important — lovers of luxury may want to consider bed sheets from Charlotte Thomas and a duvet filled with the softest feather down harvested by hand from duck nests in Iceland. Simply sumptuous!

luxury Kopi Luwak coffee

Sip your Kopi Luwak coffee from a bone china cup while relaxing in your infinity pool as a top Michelin star chef prepares your breakfast.

It’s time to make a move, so head to your bespoke walk-in closet and select your favorite designer outfit before taking a flight in your very own private jet for a morning of shopping and spa treatments. Where will you travel to? How about Paris? You don’t need to worry about checking in or a baggage allowance when you are flying in your Gulfstream IV, which, by the way, costs a cool $38 million.

Rue St. Honore Paris luxury shopping
In Paris, why not hire your favorite supercar to take you to the ultimate in luxury shopping in the capitalRue St. Honore. This fabulous street is home to the likes of YSL, Gucci, Hermes, and Michael Kors.

Monnaie de Paris Luxury Restaurant.jpg
Shopping definitely works up an appetite. So, why not satisfy your hunger at one of the most exclusive and expensive restaurants: Monnaie de Paris. If you are looking to enjoy more than a light lunch and a glass of champagne, you may want to consider the 18-course “innovations and inspirations” menu where you can experience artichoke soup with black truffle and roasted lobster. The cost? $525 per person.

Indian luxury Maharaja Express Train Dining Room

Why not spend a few hours sailing in pure unadulterated luxury bliss on a superyacht? Take a private jet to Monaco where you can relax aboard the likes of the Indian Empress, which can be charted for €750,000 a week. Here, you can enjoy the ultimate in nautical living with the likes of a master site (including a sauna and steam room) a private cinema, and a gym, etc. The décor is simply spectacular and has been executed to the very highest standards.

Hotel de Paris & Casino de Monte Carlo
As night falls, head to the opulent Hotel de Paris & Casino de Monte Carlo where you can enjoy a flutter while drinking the finest wines amongst the most opulent interiors. This is certainly one of the top choices for high rollers and even served as one of the settings for one of the most popular James Bond films: Casino Royale. Want to channel your inner Bond (or Bond Girl), make sure that you wear your classiest evening suit or designer dress and diamonds for that perfect Bond-like style.

Once you and the high rollers have finished at the table, it’s time to head back to the private jet for a good night’s sleep in Europe’s most expensive ski chalet. Located in Verbier, this chalet, which is spread over 5 levels, is worth a cool CHF 55 million and comes with a library/cigar room, a large cinema room, a pool, a Jacuzzi, 5 treatment rooms, 8 luxury bedroom suites, a sushi kitchen, a billiards room, and even a disco room and bar!

luxury Nomad Sushi Lounge
Tomorrow, you can wake up for a delightful morning ski followed by a delicious lunch at Etoile Rouge or the Nomad Sushi Lounge. The best part is that you don’t have to make a decision right now, as it’s time to don your monogrammed silk pajamas and slip under sheets. Of course, you can dream of the luxurious day ahead.


Upscale Living Magazine | October 2017
Aimee Manser