Bagan: Unique Burmese Dining Experience Returns to London

Contemporary Burmese dining experience, Bagan will take place on Saturday 30 September at Vagabond – a sustainable coffee shop in Islington, built by hand using reclaimed wood and discarded materials. The multi-sensory experience brings like-minded people together in interesting spaces to enjoy delicious, contemporary Burmese food and good music.

The four-course menu includes two starters, a traditional Burmese curry and a moreish warming autumnal dessert and costs £40 per person (see menu below).

For those not familiar with Burmese cuisine, it is a mixture of Thai, Indian and Chinese food, combining the influences, techniques, ingredients, plus, flavours of its own to make something subtle and unique.

Each menu and course is drafted and tested by all three team members of the team beforehand: each dish is a modern take on traditional Burmese dishes, which head chef Cordelia spent years learning from her Burmese family members. The flavours combine everything you’d expect from Burmese cuisine: a layering and balance of sweet, salty, sour and spicy. These flavours are central to the cuisine and when in harmony create an unmissable flavour.

Head chef and founder Cordelia Peel commented, “The Bagan team not only wants to bring Burmese food to the forefront of the London food scene but bring people together to share an experience, good conversation and a good time at each of their feasts. No matter who we are, where we are from or what language we speak, we can be brought together over food and this belief is at the heart of every Bagan event.”

Two pounds of every ticket sold is donated to Prospect Burma, a non-political education charity that aims to support the on-going transformation of Burma through the education of its people. They provide scholarships for higher education to passionate and visionary Burmese people, providing them with key skills and expertise to shape the country in which they live.


  • Chargrilled cabbage, chilli and lime dressing, toasted peanuts (contains fish sauce*)
  • Hot, sweet and sour mango soup
  • On No Kyauk Swe: Chicken or Tempeh (V) curry* with a coconut milk gravy, egg noodles, chilli flakes, spring onions, lime, egg and a split pea fritter
  • Jaggery cake, ginger syrup, rum and raisin ice cream

Popping up in various locations around the city, up-and-coming Bagan began in December 2016. The team is made up of three female friends, leading busy working lives by day and coming together every six or so weeks to host exciting and fun evenings of feasting and culture.

To get your hands on a ticket and for more information about Bagan, visit


Luxurious Magazine | October 2017


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