The Seductive Louis Vuitton Conquêtes Jewelry Collection

Louis Vuitton might not be the first name to come to mind when you’re daydreaming about fine jewelry, but the renowned French fashion house always aims to offer nothing but the best, regardless of the direction it chooses; as such, when the Maison has unveiled a fabulous new jewelry collection, everyone was paying attention.

Called the Conquêtes collection, Louis Vuitton’s new jewelry line is a refined blend of luxury, subtlety, and seduction. The gorgeous ensemble displays the brand’s emblematic signature motifs, such as the Monogram flower and the V, working together alongside an array of well-crafted designs and gemstones to convince each and every single one of us that nothing is impossible to the French brand.

Louis Vuitton Conquêtes includes three stunning necklaces, one of them showing off a long chain of pearls and diamonds, set with a drool inducing blue 54.3ct tourmaline, while the other two display a 16.82ct mandarin garnet and a 37.07ct imperial topaz, respectively.

It is also worth mentioning that Conquêtes boasts of sixty other extravagant pieces of jewelry, each of them boasting the charisma and allure of a Louis Vuitton woman and the timeless elegance she desires and totally deserves. We can only hope these precious creations will be released on the market as soon as possible, allowing ladies to truly shine and hypnotize gentlemen everywhere.

Luxatic | August 2017