Matsuda Eyewear Will Get You in the Right Mood for Summer

For many decades Matsuda Eyewear has been one of the most sought-after luxury eyewear brands on the market, and their latest collection is just another reason why you might fall in love with the Japanese brand. Bordering on the lines of wearable art, these new pieces are probably the chic accessories you’ve been always looking for, so you should really be paying attention right now.

Boasting artistic flair and traditional craftsmanship, the innovative eyewear collection allows us all, urban dwellers, to look classy and elegant at all times. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in the brand’s Japanese workshops, these sunglasses show off only the finest materials, with a ravishing build that’s set to stand the test of time.

Matsuda Eyewear

The timeless designs from the new Matsuda Eyewear collection display a minimalist vibe, complemented by subtle accents and versatile colors. You could choose black and dark tortoise, white or dark gray, and many other color combinations, with several stylish matte finishes also up for the taking. The complete range can be already enjoyed on the brand’s official website, with pricing varying between $499 and $525.

Each item from Matsuda’s eyewear collection will be delivered alongside an equally elegant hard case and a cleaning cloth. All you need right now is a day off to relax under the sun’s warm rays and also show off your latest purchase.

Luxatic | May 2017