Exploring Northern Italy’s Luxurious Cristallo Hotel

Henry McIntosh discovers the luxurious Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf, a true gem nestled in Northern Italy’s Southern Alps. Cortina d’Ampezzo is a beautiful little town nestled in the Southern Alps of Northern Italy. Known for its abundance of winter sports opportunities, luxury lifestyle and stunning views over the alps, it’s a highly desirable getaway that draws affluent jet-setters from across Europe.

The Cristallo Hotel, which has been watching over Cortina since 1901, epitomises the luxuries of mountainside life. Here, guests enjoy year-round access to the splendours of the alps, with winters of skiing through the Dolomiti Superski zone complemented by equally active summers full of golfing and hiking across the picturesque land. That’s not to mention Cristallo’s exceptional spa and wellness centre, within which the seasons are of little consequence. Recently, The Cristallo Hotel added a new and exciting package to their already extensive list of offers.


Their three-day ‘Dinner among the Stars’ romantic getaway affords the perfect opportunity for couples to come and explore the beauty of Cortina d’Ampezzo and the Dolomites, whilst celebrating your romance with unforgettable evenings. Beginning with a night of fine dining at the hotel’s La Stube restaurant, which was first opened in 1872, you’ll have the chance to enjoy one out of three tasting menus curated by the Executive Chef of The Cristallo. If either you or your partner are a bit of a foodie, this should certainly be an exciting prospect!

For your second evening in this luxurious setting, you’ll be treated to a meal in a private gondola. You’ll be served four courses from a Michelin Star menu, which you can enjoy as you look out across the magnificent view of the snow-topped Alps. It may just be one of the most romantic meals we’ve ever heard of.During you stay, you’ll also have access to The Cristallo Hotel’s spa and wellness centre. Here you can let the day float lazily past as you recline in a Turkish bath or make a splash in their semi-circular swimming pool. There are also treatments available and the décor alone is enough to make the experience memorable!

Of course, you’re not restricted to the hotel during your stay and there are plenty of places to visit whilst you’re there. The hotel provides a shuttle service included in your package that will take you and your partner into Cortina d’Ampezzo. Here, you can explore all that’s on offer, enjoying the stunning scenery and getting to grips with the local culture.

If you have a taste for the luxury side of life, you may want to speak to the hotel’s concierge team about arranging a trip to the top of the Cinque Torri Mountains. Whilst there, step into the Scoiattoli hot tub that sits right at its peak, sip on a glass of champagne and take in the Dolomites extending before you. A wooden stove continuously heats the tub water, allowing you to sit for hours, enjoying the memorable views and relaxing with your partner. Then, when you’re ready, you can retire to your glass Starlight Room and enjoy uninterrupted views of the extraordinary stars and mystical auras. Did we also mention that dogs are welcome? Because they are! Your pampered pooch will be given the first class Cristallo service. The includes being greeted with a welcome card, doggy menu, dog bed and much more. So, if you don’t want to leave your little (or big) one behind they can come along to enjoy the exquisite luxuries of The Cristallo Hotel.

The Cristallo Hotel Web: http://www.cristallo.it
Instagram: @cristallohotelcortina
Where: Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf Via R. Menardi, 42 32043 Cortina d’Ampezzo – Italy

Luxurious Magazine | April 2017


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