Porche-Design Mpiano Could Be The Future Of Music

I love tech just as much as the next guy but seeing the mPiano makes me both cringe and excited at the same time.

The mPiano looks like something out of some Star Trek episode; with it’s sleek design, gold keys and flat surface.

Whatever we think of it we can’t deny it.

Porche Design has done it yet again and come up with a game changer. The mPiano!

The Porsche-Designed mPiano sports a minimalist, modern design that might make traditional pianists crazy, but for anyone into the future of what a piano might play and sound like, the mPiano features a touch-sensitive keyboard concept created by Austria-based Alpha Piano—and it’s design is stunning as well.

The ‘mechatronic ‘machine means an electronic actuator under each of the 88 keys can be adjusted for resistance and pitch using an iPad app.

Thanks to the touch-sensitive features, users can ‘tweak vibrato and volume’ as easily as sliding on an individual key.

The mPiano, known as the ‘Actor’, is controlled by iOS user interface, and controlled via the iPad that’s housed on top of the piano.

Expect to see this concept to come to creation, assuming traditionalists don’t rally to keep old pipe organs.

This Porche-Designed mPiano Could be The Future of Music

Luxury Standard | April 2017
Deaqon James


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