Members Only: Inside the World’s Newest Private Clubs

Groucho Marx once said, “I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member.” Something tells us that the comedian might have changed his mind if he could have seen today’s elite members-only clubs. Read on for the inside scoop on three of the world’s newest private clubs—and good luck getting through the front door.

New York

Creative professionals have been lining up for membership at Spring Place ( since the club’s launch last June. Members have access to a restaurant, bar, lounge, screening room, music room, and 11,000-square-foot rooftop.

Los Angeles

Soho House will open its third L.A.-area outpost next year when Soho Warehouse ( debuts in a seven-story structure in the downtown Arts District. Expect all the signature amenities, from a rooftop terrace to a Cowshed Spa


The world capital of private clubs has added one more to its long list: Devonshire Club ( opened last June with 68 rooms and suites, a brasserie, a garden room, a gym, a spa, and a yoga studio.


RobbReport | April 2017
Jackie Caradonio 

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