Top 10 Flooring Trends for 2017

Flooring serves as the backdrop to every interior design scheme and so it’s integral to every home’s style. From pared back wooden floorboards to intricate parquet, block colors to eco-friendly styles, there are so many different trends to consider when looking for what is right for your home…

1. Parquet Flooring

A classic flooring trend that has resurfaced, parquet floors are undoubtedly a top trend for this year. Despite the many patterns of parquet, the contemporary-traditional pattern is a favorite and is increasingly popular.Parquet Flooring

2. Gray Flooring

The recent surge in the popularity of grey floors has had experts in the industry wondering whether the trend is simply a fad or potentially timeless. Head of marketing at Posh Flooring, Stephen Gillen, confirms, “It looks as though the color gray is here to stay. Search trend data tells us that the interest in grey flooring has only risen over the years and it’s set to be a favorite among those wanting to achieve a clean and classic look in their home.”

3. Blonde Flooring

“Second only to grey floors, blonde is a top trend for 2017,” says Head of  Marketing at Posh Flooring, “blonde shades of flooring can make a small room look more spacious almost instantly,” he adds. Pinterest tells us that blonde flooring is definitely a trend to watch out for in 2017. It works with oak, bamboo as well as solid wood flooring and is a great shade to introduce in the summer.
Blonde Flooring

4. White Wash Flooring

The beachy white wash is also making a comeback. It provides a modern, cool look to rooms and like the shade blonde, will make a room look more spacious and open.
White Wash Flooring

5. Eco- Friendly Flooring – Bamboo

Flooring such as recycled bamboo has taken the industry by storm, with the rise of the ‘conscious consumer’. Renewable or biodegradable materials are becoming more popular according to trend data and are a stylish way to tell the world you care about the environment. Bamboo is set to be a popular eco-friendly flooring choice for 2017 because of its easy maintenance and water resistant material. Stephen Gillen from Posh Flooring explains how “Eco-friendly floors like bamboo or cork is as much about choice as it is about trends. We predict that with the environment at the forefront of much news, more people will be choosing renewable, biodegradable floor styles in 2017.”
Bamboo Flooring

6. Eco-Friendly Flooring – Cork

Cork flooring is another eco-friendly style of flooring becoming increasingly popular. Its versatility and reasonable price tag means that cork floors are a favorite for those who are environmentally conscious or watching their pennies. As well as being a practical and inexpensive solution to flooring, cork looks both stylish and contemporary and is warm under foot, which is always a plus!
Cork Flooring

7. Concrete flooring.

Hard wearing, modern and striking, concrete flooring is set to be a trend this year. Stephen Gillen, Head of Marketing at Posh Flooring says, “Despite the timely process of installation for concrete flooring, it is worth it for the finished look. Concrete flooring will match most shades and textures, so is ideal for those who like to redecorate often.”Concrete Flooring

8. Terrazzo Flooring

A flooring material made from chips of marble, granite, glass or other similar materials.  It is colorful, interesting, highly versatile and set to be huge flooring trend this year.Terrazzo Flooring - Image courtesy of

9. Patterned Tiles

There is a plethora of patterned tiles out there and it doesn’t matter what color you choose- so long as they’re patterned.(That being said, blue patterned tiles have proven particularly popular on Pinterest.) “Patterned tiles are a great way to inject your own personality in to a room and can make plain rooms which are predominantly one color, look bright and bold instantly.” Says Stephen from Posh Flooring.
Patterned Tile Floors

10. Matte-Finished Wood Floors

This particular trend is yet to be a huge hit, but we predict it will reach its prime soon enough. Trend data tells us that matte flooring is growing, slowly but surely, in popularity. A matte sheen allows a floors unique characteristics to be more apparent and we predict it will be a favorite among those wanting flooring with character in their homes.Matte-Finished Wood Floor

LuxPad | March 2017