Indochino Launches the Ultimate Tech Smart Suit

Ultimate Tech

Online menswear brand, Indochino, launches its ‘Ultimate Tech’ menswear collection for guys always on the go! The Ultimate Tech Collection uses nanotechnology to create a liquid resistant line of performance ‘Nanotech’ suits that also feature a ‘Smart Pocket’ with earphone cable clip for smartphones and an original detachable ‘Storm Flap’ accessory to protect against cold weather conditions.

Using a blend of natural and technologically advanced fabrics, the Nanotechsuit repels liquids and stains, and resists odors and wrinkles without compromising on breathability or comfort.
Ultimate Tech

The touch responsive Smart Pocket enables the smooth operation of a smartphone from inside the jacket. The waterproof and dry-clean friendly pocket also comes with a metal earphone cable clip and rubber earphone hole to keep the user organized, untangled and hands free.
Ultimate Tech

The detachable Storm Flap is a unique and stylish way to protect your neck and chest from cold weather and replaces the traditional winter scarf.
Ultimate Tech

This lightweight accessory is filled with White Duck’s Down to provide superior insulation using natural body heat and buttons easily into the inside of the jacket.
The entire Ultimate Collection includes three Nanotech suits (and vests), two Merino wool (80%) and Silk blend (20%) suits (and vests), two nanotechnology inspired silk linings, the Smart Pocket, three Storm Flaps in Navy, Light Blue and Orange, and ten shirts made from 100% Egyptian cotton milled in Italy.

NanotechSuits ($629), Merino and Silk Suits ($499), Shirts ($159-$169). All Ultimate Tech suits come with the detachable Storm Flap. The Smart Pocket is a free customization option. A protective coating is applied to the Nanotech fabric during the finishing process. This advanced coating protects the wool fibers on a Nano scale.

Luxury Standard | March 2017
Deaqon James