Sit Above Suncadia in $1.7M of Modernity

Be close to the resort, but wrapped in nature.

The style is modern NW Contemporary. The 4,000 square foot home has the wood siding and metal roofing, but it’s gone modern by having a flat roof, is much more rectilinear, and liberally uses iron and steel for supports and railings. At $1,695,000 it is a blend of new and newer, which is appropriate because it is new construction in the relatively new resort community of Suncadia.

Look past the accidental arrangement on the chimney that gives it two beady eyes, a bushy nose, and a gas fireplace for a grin. The minimalist nature is apparent because the natural elements outside are the main show. Why detract from the view when you live in a resort? (That’s also why little things like decor can stand out, just like that bit of foliage on the mantel.)

Look back through the rest of the room and see that it has a great room layout as well as a two story ceilings. A matrix of laminated beams provide the warmth of lumber overhead. A metal staircase leads to the second floor that obviously has the opposite views. Be prepared to be wrapped in mountains.

Wood dominates in the kitchen, as well. It wraps around the stainless steel appliances which in this case don’t dominate, but blend.

Five bedrooms come supplied with more of those views, as well as a romantic or necessary addition of a ceiling fan. The four and a half bathrooms take the opportunity to be more modern in shape and fixtures, but contemporary in the materials used.

Inside and out are a series of spaces that open to the sky, or at least the air, thanks to wide doors, a large balcony, and patios that reach out into the drought-resistant landscaping. The property’s 0.54 acres also holds a guest house connected by a covered walkway that’s handy for snow-free access in the winter.

Location means short drives to the resort life based on golf courses or horse trails; and the hiking and skiing available in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Take your pick.

Seattle Curbed | February 2017
Tom Trimbath