Mazama Log Lodge Lists at $1.4M


Looking for new listings in Seattle? Don’t be surprised if there’s a delay of a day or two, except from the most intrepid and determined sellers and agents. In the meantime, here’s a recent listing from a place that knows snow, Mazama, the town that becomes a dead-end until Highway 20 finally melts out, oh, sometime before Memorial Day.

Live large in a 3,826 square foot log lodge with a large, river rock fireplace. The logs are supports, but also as accents. The walls aren’t stacks of tree trunks, but instead are lumber for a more refined rustic look and feel. A bit of extra civilization brackets the chimney, a pair of bookcases. Get a fire going, reach up for a book, and wait out the storm, or the season.

A broad country kitchen means the cook isn’t trapped in some other room. The open arrangement provides more views, but also makes it easier to corral some family members into helping clean up. Glass display cases above the counter provide an chance to show off your collections, or simply make it easier to find the soup bowls.

Wood all around can make the three bedrooms quieter. Four bathrooms probably mean a set of suites plus a half bath for the rest of the house.

Mazama welcomes the snow. It’s the source of their water, which happens to flow by the 12.67 acre property; and also the source of winter entertainment as the valley community has developed a well-known cross-country ski trail system. This year may be providing plenty of opportunity to play and exercise at the same time.

At $1,395,000, there are cheaper ways to play in winter; but after dealing with Seattle’s icy hills, it may feel luxurious to drive through drifts on flat valley land. You might have to get used to having antlers on your walls, though.

Seattle Curbed | February 2017
Tom Trimbath