4 Things to Check Off Your Bucket List in 2017

A new year. It’s a chance to refocus, to be inspired and to reconnect with what’s important. Whether you want to explore a new path, transcend new heights or just reflect — go for it. Wishing you a bright and happy 2017.

1. Reconnect to the world ─ go on an adventure that rivals any before it. How about a trip to the ends of the earth? Seriously. Imagine hiking on a glacier, visiting aboriginal settlements and exploring the worlds southmost fjords with the tailor-made experience of a lifetime. Photo ©Australis. jacadatravel.com 

2. Embrace the love of both art and music ─ add a beautifully hand-crafted PRS Guitar to your collection. Try their Private Stock to get the ultimate customization experience and a piece that will be admired for generations to come. prsguitars.com

3. Let go and take a new risk this year ─ try skydiving! It’s not just a great stress reliever, but it can also help you build strength the more you do it. Experience a rush of adrenaline as you freefall, riding a cushion of air back toward the earth. thelifedreams.com 

4. Make your space YOU ─ get started on the home renovations you’ve been dreaming about. Whether it’s just a new paint color or a full-blown kitchen revamp, visit our Renovations Look Book on Pinterest for inspiration! pinterest.com/luxuryportfolio

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