Dramatic Kirkland Modern Lists for $1.8M

A flat roof, a square facade, more windows than walls, that’s the modern style of this three bedroom, three and quarter bathroom, 3,480 square foot house that was built this year in Kirkland. It pulls back from being starkly modern by judiciously including a few conventional materials, but modern it is. And so is the price, $1,800,000.

The exterior is dominated by two large covered balconies that are stacked one on the other which also provide a dry overhang for the garage of the same size. For the people, there’s an opportunity to relax outside with plenty of room without having to worry about bumping chairs on some narrow ledge. For your cars, there’s either a place to prepare yourself and your wipers for the weather, or maybe there’s enough space for small cars to have a carport – in case you don’t want to open the doors to some collectors’ editions you’ve parked inside.

Inside, the modern style’s typical minimalism is evident, but there are a few features that add some flair. The floors are mottled and polished concrete, at least in the main living spaces. As a contrast, the ceilings are a variety of colored wood slats. The variety reduces monotony. The wood provides warmth and maybe some sound absorption. A stone facade carries its theme from inside to outside on either side of the windows.

Some pet training may be required. The staircase is separated from the rest of the room by vertical rectangles of glass that stop just about head height depending on the stair and the person. The part that requires pet training, however, is the ornamental and artistic rock pit that parallels the stairs. Who knows what will be buried in there?

As for the 5,000 square foot lot, the emphasis is on the house, decking, and the broad pavement leading to the garage. Low maintenance, a cozy place for people and vehicles, and a simple, clean design – very modern.

Seattle Curbed | December 2016
Tom Trimbath