Bathroom Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Your Bathroom Restyle

A great bathroom serves many purposes. From the rushed morning routine, to the evening’s relaxation, a bathroom must be suited to all manner of activities. Updating your bathroom can make your daily routine infinitely more enjoyable, and so The LuxPad has put together a collection of tips to help make your bathroom restyle as painless as possible. From a simple refresh of your bathroom accessories, to a complete overhaul of your tubs and tiles – explore our guide and get started with your best bathroom restyle to date.


It’s no secret that tiles are the go-to material to adorn our bathroom walls. Tiles are easy to clean, waterproof and hard-wearing – perfect for a busy bathroom. But how adventurous have you really been with your tiling? While tiling can be expensive, there are plenty of options available to suit every budget. Check out some of our favorite tiling tips below…

Half tiling
Tile to a mid-way point for a cost-effective but practical way to cover your walls. The upper sections of your bathroom can be painted (a satin or semi-gloss paint is recommended for bathrooms), and then easily updated according to the season. Consider continuing your tiles all the way round your bathroom to create a splash-back for your sink.

Full tiling
For a look that guarantees maximum impact, tile your bathroom from floor to ceiling. Be inspired by some of the most luxurious spas and hotels and cover the floor and walls in the same style of tile for effortless elegance. Fully tiling your room is a big investment – make sure you can enjoy them for many years through careful upkeep.

Border tiling
Adding a border to an expanse of plain tiles can be a great way to add interest and inject color to your bathroom. Choose a border that contrasts with your original tiles for maximum impact. Stuck for border inspiration? You won’t go far wrong with a geometric style pattern – this bathroom trend is here to stay.

Or, if you’re feeling particularly brave, take inspiration from some of the beautiful bathrooms below. From Rupert Bevan’s distressed mirror splash-back to Johan Sellen’s dramatic concrete tiles, these tiles steal the show. For an ultra-modern update to your bathroom tiles, consider lining your tiles with black, rather than the traditional white, grouting like Katie Schiebeck.Mirror tiles in bathroomTiles - shpwerTiles - Vosges Paris


Lighting can make or break a bathroom. When choosing your light fittings, think carefully about who uses your bathroom and how. A large, family bathroom might require a bright, clear light while a luxurious en-suite might benefit from a softer choice, more suited for evening relaxation. In general, bright is best when it comes to bathroom lighting, though take care to avoid your space becoming too harsh and clinical. There are also strict safety restrictions that must be taken into account when choosing and installing lighting in the bathroom. Once you’ve checked that your lighting complies with these regulations, it’s time to have some fun! Have a look at some of our favorites…

Add a touch of glamour to your bathroom with a beautiful chandelier. A typical chandelier can hold several bulbs, ensuring all corners of your bathroom are kept light and bright. Our advice with chandeliers would to be to shop around for a style that best suits your bathroom – it doesn’t have to be overly large. A simple but elegant light fitting can make a statement regardless of size.

Illuminated mirrors
Practical and stylish, illuminated mirrors have found themselves at the centre of many a bathroom restyle in recent years. What’s not to love about a mirror that can add a hint of Hollywood glamour to your day-to-day bathroom routine?

Bathroom downlights
It’s difficult to think of a lighting type better suited to bathrooms (and kitchens) than downlights. Supremely functional without seeming overly harsh, downlights can throw focused light at a specific area. Introduce downlights under a bathroom cabinet or build them into a bathroom shelf to create an ambient space.

Light up your life with more examples of some inspired bathroom lighting. Look closely at the bathroom by 47 Park Avenue and you’ll see an ornate chandelier attached to a movable clothes rail. Guests can move the light fitting wherever they like – no electrician needed! Negdis incorporates not one, but two of the infamous Tom Dixon pendant lights above a copper adorned bath. We also love the simple pendant used in Genevieve Simard’s Scandi-style bathroom.
Lighting - chandelierLighting - copper baublesLighting - pendant

Baths & Showers

The focal point of any bathroom, a feature bath or shower can set the style and tone for your space. From the understated luxury of a walk-in shower or the bold statement of a free-standing bath, there are options to suit every taste and budget. Take a look at some of the baths and showers that will be making a splash in our homes over the next few months…

Walk-in shower
As the bathroom experts at Ripples told The LuxPad earlier this year, nothing is more luxurious than a hotel-style spacious shower. Walk-in showers are set to continue as a hugely popular shower choice this year. They are contemporary, easy to clean and create the illusion of space within your bathroom.

Free-standing bath
For years, a free-standing bath was a luxury only available to those with the largest and grandest of bathrooms. Today, free-standing baths can be found in all shapes, sizes and styles. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, but you don’t want to compromise on style – try a free-standing bath without a lip to save on precious inches.

Spa baths and showers
Make every morning a little more special with a bath or shower experience that will transport you to your favorite spa. Think whirlpool baths, rainfall showers with side jets and steam buttons. Consider adding underfloor heating to your space to complete your luxurious morning routine.
Baths - glass showerFixtures -  gold tapBaths - shower

Finishing Touches

Fluffy towels, sparkling mirrors, plenty of storage – it’s the little touches that can help transform your bathroom from a functional space to a haven for relaxing and recuperating. Discover our top tips below…

Bathroom storage
Keep your bathroom interior neat and tidy with some stylish but practical storage solutions. Pick carefully and your storage can actually add to the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. From leather laundry bins to ornate tissue box holders, invest some time in choosing these accessories and enjoy your clutter-free room.

Show off toiletries
While most of your day-to-day bathroom products should be kept hidden, display a few choice toiletries for a polished but lived-in look. Pick your favorites, the toiletries you use most often, or the ones with the prettiest packaging!

Add a touch of color
Many bathrooms don’t stray too far from the traditional white, beige or blue color scheme. Look to be a bit more adventurous in your next bathroom restyle. Take inspiration from Gravity Home’s fabulously fun bathroom (below) and include a feature wall in a pastel hue. Alternatively, get creative with wall art to add some welcome personality to your space.
Finishing touches - bathFinishing touches - candlesFinishing touches - mirror

Expert Inspiration

We asked several of the industry’s leading names in bathroom design for their advice that they might give to home owners looking to restyle their bathroom. Read on to discover their words of wisdom…

Andrew Morton – Design Director, Hawk Interiors
When looking to restyle your bathroom, keeping it timeless is key. Concrete and stone effect tiles are a big trend this year, particularly in grey tones and due to their natural look they will not date. Alternatively, choosing to part-tile your bathroom leaves you room to paint the remaining walls and change up the color easily. This season try a deep blue or teal. Paired with grey and white tiles you can create a calming Mediterranean feel.
Concrete Wall Bathroom - Hawk Interiors

Sofia Charalambous – Co-founder, Bathroom Origins
Whatever its purpose, it’s the finishing touches that will make all the difference to your bathroom restyle. My top tip would be to free up your floor space with wall-hung cabinets and shelving; not only will you get more ‘leg-room’, but you’ll add interesting shape and texture to your bathroom.
Bathroom Origins - SOfia

Dan Cook – Designer, C.P. Hart
Look to incorporate some of the latest bathroom trends to your restyle.

Skandi – Italia: The Scandinavian wave of design, bringing muted colors, natural materials and elegant simplicity to living spaces, has been absorbed and reinterpreted by Italian manufacturers. The Italians have been bolder in form and color, adding flair and passion to stripped-back Nordic principles.
Industrial Opulence: Starting in the converted lofts of New York, the utilitarian urban aesthetic is now well-established and mainstream. An emerging trend is to blend these industrial designs with fine detailing and luxurious finishes, paying homage to a functional, practical past but adding a new level of quality and opulence.
Material World: In materials, we have seen the development of new composites and metallic finishes, and the tools to shape stone and glass into extraordinary forms. That has given designers the freedom to experiment with new shapes and combinations, creating a world of possibilities
C.P. Hart - Artelinea Dama (7)

Avinash Doshi, Founder, Foam & Bubbles
2016 has seen the introduction of new and the return of old trends. Metallics have continued to gain popularity, you can introduce metallics by using large wall panels in metallic shades or a copper bath and pretty tiles can be used to add warmth and luxury. Spa bathrooms have become a top trend – create a tranquil bathroom environment by using square baths and clean lines, add bamboo bathroom accessories and finish off with candles and fluffy towels and you will never want to leave. Urban bathrooms are sleek and modern, you can maximize your space by replacing the family bathroom with a shower room and introduce darker color palettes like slate tiles or black shower trays.
Foam and Bubbles - modern bathroom

Nick Jeanes and Stephanie Barba-Mendoza, Martin Brudnizki Design Studio
Though we don’t tend to follow trends at Martin Brudnizki Design Studio (MBDS) we always advocate creating an interior with a sense of timelessness. With our product design studio, And Objects, we collaborated with Drummonds to design a beautiful bathroom collection. Blending exquisite materials such as marble, chrome and natural stone with a classically modern aesthetic we have achieved a look that will endure the years.

When it comes to designing your space we always like to incorporate hidden and usable storage. For example, a niche in your shower is always handy for storing shampoo and shower gels. If this isn’t possible, a beautiful ceramic or marble tray will elegantly house your bottles. Elegant lighting will always help lift a scheme and provide the warm glow needed and finally, a darker grout is always preferable as its wear-and-tear rate is lower than that of lighter ones.
06 Drummonds Collection

Philippa Cambers, The Maker Place
One of my favorite trends is the revival in popularity of having lots of house plants; from succulents and cacti to more traditional plants and even mini trees such as fig or olive trees. And when it comes to indoor greenery, the bathroom is a great place to display your collection. Adding a few different types of plants, whether on existing shelves, or adding interest to any bare walls with an on-trend plant shelf or two can instantly perk up a tired bathroom, adding a lush tropical feel and softening what can often be quite a utilitarian space. Another great quick way to update is by adding botanical or tropical prints; a collection of 3 or 4 together is a great way to add color and interest.
HEATHER - TORO shelf white landscape-01

The LuxPad | Sept 2016
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