6 Back-to-School Gadgets

Here are 6 of the most trendy back-t0-school gadgets that every college student should have.

1. Wilson X Connected Football

The first “smart” football, created in partnership with the NFL, is no typical pigskin. The ball’s technology can track velocity, spin, distance, spiral efficiency and Wx Rating during use, and players can even compare their analytics to other users around the globe. The ball is offered in both Official and Junior sizes. wilson.com

2. BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

Think of this one as a learning tool. Made for ages 8 and older, the cube arrives in its deconstructed form and challenges users to literally assemble it, wiring and all, before use. A free companion app offers a step-by-step guide through the easy-to-follow process, and the result is a beautiful Bose Bluetooth speaker. build.bose.com

3. Sioeye Iris4G Blink Edition

Get a better picture of what your kid is up to at school with the Iris4G Blink Edition. It allows users to live-stream through 4G LTE, 3G and Wi-Fi, a speedometer and altimeter, and the ability to simultaneously record HD video. Perfect for their next ski trip! shop.sioeye.com

4. UE MEGABOOM Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker

The 360-degree Bluetooth speaker is popular for its serious sound quality and because it’s portable, waterproof and has its own app—not to mention its Siri and Google Now voice integration. ultimateears.com

5. Fitbit Blaze

The ubiquitous Fitbit has achieved an even greater amount of notoriety due to its latest fitness and tech installment, the Blaze. With the ability to receive call and text notifications, record workouts and track calories, sleep and heart rate, the impressive capabilities of this discrete fitness watch make it a hard-to-beat tech accessory. fitbit.com

6. Sony Alpha 7S E-Mount Camera

The a7 is, simply stated, a monster for its compact size. The camera, which can fit in the palm of your hand, offers 35 mm full-frame shooting with 4K video and extreme sensitivity, which lends to its reputation as the first camera able to “see in the dark.” You’ll be well on your way to becoming a professional photographer. Or, maybe more realistically, your Instagram game will get a huge boost. sony.com

DuJour.com | August 2016
Atalie Gimmel